Penaranda at MINExpo 2024: Advancing Mining Excellence

Published on
June 25, 2024

We are excited to announce that Penaranda will be present at MINExpo 2024 alongside our distinguished suppliers: Euroricambi, SLP, and Nordic Lights. This event represents a unique opportunity for us to showcase our commitment to excellence in the mining sector and strengthen our key business relationships.

Our Suppliers: Euroricambi, SLP, and Nordic Lights

  • Euroricambi: Globally recognized for their transmission solutions for heavy machinery, Euroricambi joins us with their expertise and product quality.
  • SLP: Specialists in lubrication systems for industrial applications, SLP provides us with innovative products that optimize the performance and durability of our equipment.
  • Nordic Lights: A leader in LED lighting for demanding environments such as the mining sector, Nordic Lights ensures advanced and high-quality lighting solutions for us.

Why This Event Is Important

Participating in MINExpo 2024 not only allows us to showcase the best of Penaranda and our partners but also provides us with the opportunity to:

  • Explore Innovations: Discover the latest technologies and advancements in mining equipment that can enhance efficiency and safety in our operations.
  • Build Connections: Establish strong business relationships with other industry leaders and potential clients seeking reliable and quality solutions like those offered by Penaranda.
  • Understand Market Needs: Gain direct insights into current market needs and trends in the mining industry, enabling us to better tailor our offerings and services to meet customer demands.

See You at MINExpo 2024!

We look forward to meeting you at MINExpo 2024 in Las Vegas. Visit us at our booth to learn more about our solutions, interact with our team, and explore how we can collaborate to achieve new levels of success in the mining sector.

See you soon in Las Vegas!

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