"Our philosophy is to provide service with high quality standards to our clients"


Our trajectory began in 1980, when we established ourselves as dealers of Volvo Cars and Machinery. Over the years, we acquired valuable experience in the industry, which led us to make a strategic decision in March 1999: to focus exclusively on the specialization and sale of parts for heavy machinery.

This specialization has allowed us to consolidate ourselves as experts in the field and provide our customers with high quality products and reliable solutions.

In 2004, we became representatives of SLP, followed by obtaining the representation of Nordic Lights in 2008. In 2017, we further expanded our portfolio by becoming representatives of Euroricambi and FMC, among other renowned manufacturers.

This diversification allowed us to offer a wide range of high quality parts and meet the needs of our customers both in Peru and Bolivia. Due to the success achieved in these countries, we decided to expand our operations and look for new growth opportunities.

This is how, in 2021, we ventured into the US market with the aim of providing our products and services to customers across the country. This expansion allowed us to access a wider market and take advantage of new business opportunities.


To drive the growth and success of our customers in the heavy machinery industry, providing them with superior quality spare parts at competitive prices and fast delivery. We are committed to being their strategic partner, generating a positive impact on their operations and contributing to the development of a more prosperous country. Through our dedication and commitment, we work to build a solid future, strengthening the industry and fostering the progress of our businesses.


To be recognized globally as the undisputed leader in the supply of spare parts for heavy machinery, driving innovation, efficiency and progress in the industry. We strive to be the benchmark for cutting-edge solutions, constantly pushing technological boundaries and delivering exceptional service that inspires confidence and creates a lasting impact on our customers. Together, let's forge a future full of possibilities and extraordinary achievements in the heavy equipment industry.

Brand values

Welcome to our world of excellence. With unwavering commitment to your success and a focus on trust and customer needs, we provide high-quality parts and personalized service. Our core values include innovation, integrity, and commitment.


We strive for excellence in everything we do, providing the highest quality parts, exceptional service and exceeding our customers' expectations.


We are committed to our customers' success, working diligently and proactively to provide reliable solutions, competitive pricing and fast delivery to drive their businesses forward.


We build strong and lasting relationships based on mutual trust with our customers, suppliers and collaborators. We strive to be a trusted and respected partner in the industry.

Customer focus

Our customers are our top priority. We listen carefully, understand their needs, and are committed to providing them with personalized service, individualized attention, and solutions tailored to their specific requirements.


We stay at the forefront of the industry, constantly seeking new technologies, products and solutions that drive efficiency and enhance our customers' experience.


We act with honesty, ethics and transparency in all our business operations. We honor our commitments and strive to build relationships based on integrity and respect.